NO – you CANNOT bring in any firewood, no matter where you got it! This is not only against our rules, but also it is AGAINST THE LAW! This is to protect our forest from the spread of disease & the emerald ash borer. (Pheasant Ridge sells firewood & it can be ordered by the bundle or the load).

For those that do not have a cabin or camper on a seasonal site at Pheasant Ridge, we offer a membership program to purchase that gives you (12) weekends for (2) in a cabana, or (12) nights campsite for (2), plus the use of all the resort amenities. Limited availability.

Pheasant Ridge is NATURALLY mosquito-FREE!  Our abundant wildlife (frogs, fish, birds, etc.) balance the eco-system. We are lucky to be able to say you will be able to enjoy the outdoors EVEN IN THE EVENING & at night without being “eaten alive”! (if you don’t believe it, just ask any of the people that have a cabin or campsite here)!

Yes, Pheasant Ridge does offer limited overnight camping for both RVs & tents. Availability varies – reservations required. Your site includes assistance with parking & set-up.

No, Pheasant Ridge is a seasonal resort with several leasing options.

Pheasant Ridge has a swimming area with a maintained beach (in 2008). Many of the lots are large enough for you to install your own pool or play area, making it the ULTIMATE retreat!

To preserve the serenity of the resort, we only allow electric off-road vehicles. There may be exceptions allowed at certain times for short treks (such as hauling gear); but only with prior approval. However, ATV riding is available just a short ride from Pheasant Ridge in Black River Country, where there are hundreds of miles of trails available.

Download Your Black River Country Map and Trail Guide Here

Pheasant Ridge can usually prepare a cabin within 3 weeks (weather permitting).

Pheasant Ridge welcomes pets that are quiet, well behaved, and that stay in their own lot. All pets must have current vaccinations with a copy of their papers on file with management PRIOR to arrival. Vaccinations MUST include Rabies, DHLPPL, & Bordetella. We also HIGHLY recommend your dog receive the Lymes vaccination to protect him. Guests MAY NOT bring pets (unless prior approval is received, & then they must always be leashed).

Yes, we have a commercial account with Dish Network that allows members to have satellite connected to their units.  In some instances, you may also be able to bring your receiver from your home & connect to a Dish at your site.  Also there are now portable satellite systems available for RV’s.  Check with management for your options.

Yes, WI-FI is available in certain common areas and at some seasonal sites.

Yes, at certain sites you will have a good signal, but those in the valleys may not get a signal (most common areas will not have a signal). Members have had the best luck with U.S. Cellular or Verizon. There are now apps for Smart Phones that allow you to text through our Wi-Fi. With new cell towers being put up we seem to get better service every day!

Seasonal water, monthly pump-out, lot maintenance of tree limbs, grass cutting is included (grass trimming is extra). You also receive several resort member privileges that can be viewed here (and we are always adding more!).

Unlike other resorts that put restrictions on electrical appliances, Pheasant Ridge allows any appliances (including air conditioners), by metering each lot separately & billing for your electrical usage monthly.

Pheasant Ridge is known for its beauty, serenity, nature & the fact that it is QUIET! (this is one of our best kept secrets!) We preserve that by not allowing outside “noise”. “Outside Noise” is anything that your neighbor can hear (music, TV, barking dogs, loud voices).We would all rather enjoy listening to the birds and nature, wouldn’t you?

Guests are allowed, but must register at main office and park in authorized parking area. Members are responsible for their guests at all times. (Guest fees may apply where guests need assistance from staff). Pheasant Ridge has several events throughout the year, where members are encouraged to invite guests to join in the festivities.
We welcome you to tour the property, but you must have an appointment. This is to preserve the safety & security of our members, (we are a gated community). Those that “stop by”, will also not have the proper guide to show you the resort, and you will not see all that Pheasant Ridge has to offer. This book clearly cannot be judged by its cover!

Your membership fee is INCLUDED in your seasonal site lease or your cabin site lease at NO EXTRA charge! If you do not lease a site, then you can purchase a membership separately.

Yes, Pheasant Ridge has several fishing holes throughout the property (some are even hidden in the woods). We keep them stocked with Hybrid Bluegill, Perch, and Bass for your angling pleasure. Should you need a fast meal for camp, Pheasant Ridge also has a pay per fishing Trout pond that is stocked with large, succulent trout for the fryer. No fishing license is needed anywhere on the resort.

No, Pheasant Ridge is open year round as a vacation retreat.

We are centrally located, so getting to all that Wisconsin has to offer is easy from Pheasant Ridge. Golf, casino, canoeing, ATV trails, bike trails, water parks, shopping and much more is close enough to us – yet still away from your private escape! You can enjoy the busy entertainment in the area, and when you are tired of the crowds – come back to your own piece of paradise!

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